Land Earth Station Operator (LESO)

As one of Asia’s leading Land Earth Station Operator (LESO), Singtel provides a stable interface for reliable satellite communications between your vessels and shore offices worldwide. Providing a platform to connect our extensive global satellite coverage to our award-winning IPVPN network, your cellular data and voice transmissions are assured of smooth delivery from our satellite to local terrestrial networks.

Strong Partnership Support

  • Only selected Inmarsat backbone teleport in Asia & Singapore
  • iDirect Asia Technical Assistance Centre in Singapore

Round the clock Customer Engineering Support Service

  • RF and IP networking expertise
  • Reliable Remote Monitoring
  • Real-time Fault Reporting
  • ISO 9001 certified Network Operation Centre

Uninterrupted Business Services at our Land Earth Station

  • 7 Power Generators
  • 7 UPS Systems
  • Armed guards assisted by Fence Intrusion Detection System

Seletar Satellite Earth Station

Seletar Satellite Earth Station is strategically located at the north of Singapore near Lower Seletar Reservoir, with a wide visible angle of 140 degrees at the satellite geostationary arc. The earth station provides managed hosting for outdoor antenna systems, Telemetry, Tracking and Command ( TT&C ), and a wide range of teleport services.

In addition, Seletar Satellite Earth Station also manages the Satellite Control Centre (SCC) for Singtel’s ST-2 satellite. ST-2 was launched on 20 May 2011 to replace ST-1 and renew the operations of ST-1 co-located at 88 degree orbital slot. Using state of the art technology, the SCC is configured with redundancies for all hardware including ground servers, front end processors (FEP), up and down converters, amplifiers etc. In case of emergencies, ST-2 control systems can control the antenna systems at ChungHwa Telecom, Yang Ming Shan Earth station, via the lease line. This allows ST-2 to operate more efficiently compared to its operating equipment for ST-1.

Bukit Timah Satellite Earth Station

Situated in central Singapore, adjacent to the Central Catchment Area, Bukit Timah Satellite Earth Station hosts Singtel’s Singapore Satellite Broadcast infrastructure and is today a Digital Media Exchange and Multi-format distribution hub. It is connected to a global network with more than 37 offices in 19 countries, backed up local expertise, reliable operations, ground support and an eco-system of top-tier vendors and service providers.

Sentosa Satellite Earth Station

Situated in Sentosa, our Sentosa Satellite Earth Station is a LESO for Inmarsat, using the Indian Ocean Region and Pacific Ocean Region Satellite. This allows us to deliver shorter turnaround time for troubleshooting Inmarsat services including FleetBroadband and E&E services on Inmarsat C / Mini B / Mini M / Fleet F77 / GAN / MPDS and Mobman.