AIO Phone/Apps

Today’s highly digital world has redefined the way people live, work and play. Designed from the ground up after listening to our customers, the Singtel AIO Connect Services is a comprehensive business and crew welfare solution that unifies data, email, call, chat and web surfing in a single platform. Connecting people, teams and information, it is feature-packed to deliver the scalability, security and flexibility you have come to expect from Singtel.

With Singtel AIO Connect Services, your crew will be spoilt for choice with the capabilities to simultaneously send secured and cost-effective email, chat, SMS, read news, make voice calls and surf the web. The solution’s prepaid messaging card and online portal make it so convenient for your crew to stay in touch with family and friends. Using just one integrated email account, crew mobility is enhanced as they continue to log to the same email account even when moving from one vessel to another.

Benefits and Features of AIO Products

IP Phone for pre-paid crew use or post-paid business use

Key Features:

  • Android-based and preloaded with AIO Kiosk
  • Same VoIP technology with low bandwidth of about 10 kbps per call

AIO Mobile for Crew

Key Features:

  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
  • Fast and Easy Access to contact list
  • Same VoIP technology
  • Multi-Media messaging SMS, Send Text, Picture, Audio and Video Messages
  • Benefits Crew and Business