The launch of our ST-2 satellite in May 2011 saw an expansion of our satellite coverage area. Our powerful Ku, C and Extended C beams now cover the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe, Excellent switching capabilities among the different regions provide flexibility in meeting different regional demands that is required by different regions, allowing you to constantly stay connected with your customers through far-reaching satellite communications coverage.

Our extensive terrestrial reach covers more than 80 cities globally via high bandwidth fibre optic networks. Offering more reliability and higher quality data transmission, the use of fibre optic cables minimises network interference due to weather conditions to a minimum while offering very low latency.

Our award winning IPVPN network, ConnectPlus, offers Internet Access, secure Virtual Private Networks, Point-to-Point links and disaster recovery links with a wide range of options covering Connection Speed, Contention Ratio and Service Level.