Singtel AIO SmartMail is an Electronic Mail Service designed for maritime users using IP Data connection from the fixed and mobile satellite services. Developed with maritime business and crew needs in mind, AIO SmartMail provides secured email communication for the maritime industry.

Emails and file attachments are inspected for executable content such as:
• Windows executable (including .exe, .com, and .dll)
• Word documents (including .doc, .docx, .docm and .rtf)
• PDF documents
• Archives containing any file types listed above (ZIP, BZIP, GZIP, RAR, TAR, LHA/LZH, 7Z, Microsoft Cabinet)

AIO SmartMail is able to provide in-depth malicious file reports for each threat incident. All these could be accessed through an online dashboard. It is designed to allow exchange of emails by a single command center situated in the remote client and solely operated by the Captain from the Communication Server. The Captain uses business domain (Singtel4Ship) and is segregated from crew emails that use a different domain (Singtel4Crew). This method provides security, enhances communication and intentional connection when required with the shore server. This saves satellite link cost as opposed to an Auto-Connect mechanism.

AIO SmartMail operates in a store and forward mechanism which the mail server will save the inbound mails from the terrestrial shore and disseminate them when the ship or remote client comes online.

With the Store & Forward email feature, the vessel does not need to be online to receive emails and this helps to save on airtime. Vessel does not need to be online to receive emails which helps to save airtime with the store and forward email model.

Emails are managed in a secured, fast and efficient environment:

• Incoming mails to vessel are received and stored in shore email server

• AIO SmartMail client download inbound emails via satellite data communications equipment

• Outbound emails are uploaded by vessel to shore server which relays to shore/recipient

Singtel single-minded focus

• Singtel proprietary service with high reliability, availability and efficient customer support

• Servers are located at Singtel’s data center and connected via high speed network, monitored by dedicated system with 24/7 SMS alerts to support team

• Dedicated 24X7 onsite Singtel support team


• Based on Java technology and latest version of OS and database servers

• Emails are scanned for advanced malware using highly effective technologies such as real-time JavaScript emulation and behavioral analysis.

• Phishing and Ransomware email files are detected and quarantined to protect client’s network

• Connectivity through specialised load balancers and network devices and routers

• Servers monitored by dedicated system with SMS & email alerts

• Vessel email can send/receive email of size up to 20MB

• Email messages are transferred with high compression quality to reduce data consumption

• Vessel exchange (in/out) can be scheduled for a specified timing in AIO SmartMail client

• Accurate and fast download with exchange size limited to batches of 2MB


What this means to you and your business?

Double protection against Cyber Threats

While conventional anti-malware protection is still important as a first line of defense, AIO SmartMail provides an added layer of advanced protection from targeted attacks to keep ransomware, phishing emails and unknown data-stealing malware off your network.

Achieve Operational Efficiency

With the Store and Forward feature, scheduled sending of emails during low traffic can be enabled to manage bandwidth usage for better operational efficiency

Enjoy Cost Savings

Emails are managed in compressed file sizes which use less bandwidth enabling business to save cost due by bandwidth optimisation.

Improve crew welfare

Crew can have a dedicated and personal maritime email domain to communicate with family and friends anytime.

Strengthen IT security

Be assured that your mails are secured as they are protected by dedicated Anti-Virus, Anti-SPAM and Anti-Malware system.

Experience better communications

A stable & robust system with less breakdown & outages ensures higher communication efficiencies and smooth communication to stay connected anytime anywhere