GTMail Plus

High-End Maritime Data Communications Solution which provides a range of capabilities that include:

a) Email

b) Reliable Automatic File Transfer (RAFT)

c) Vessel Tracking and Electronic Notice of Arrival / Departure (eNOAD)

d) Sentinel (Anti-Virus Solution) – low update patterns (20-30 KB)

1. Features

(A) On board Vessel

    • Webmail : Allows emails to be accessed from any networked PC
    • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is fully supported
    • Reliable Automatic File Transfer Lite: Allows sending/receiving files from your vessels w/o any user interaction
    • Over-the-Air Software Updates: Optionally configured a vessel to receive over-the-air update messages that serve to upgrade all systems onboard the vessel to the latest version of the software

(B) Shore Side

    • Powerful Dashboard: Track vessels on Google Map for Fleet Broadband
    • Remote configuration and customized domain name

2. Benefits

a) High Reliability with good features – Intelligent connection and robust

b) Ease of Control – Proactive alerts and automated reports, financial control

c) Convenient Setup and Operations – Multiple mailflow, “One-Click” Silent install and global support