Seamless business communication is a primary requirement for mission critical operators such as Offshore drilling rigs and their supporting vessels. We understand the need for always-on broadband connectivity, sophisticated technological applications which provide an integrated platform linking global shore offices to remote oil rigs, contractors and offshore support vessels.

Whether you are an Offshore operator, oil rig contractor or Support vessel, Singtel provides you with comprehensive, reliable solutions to support your entire business communication chain regardless of their location. Recognising that safety in operational processes is a priority for offshore operators, Singtel provides round the clock remote monitoring systems to ensure operational efficiency and productivity.

Your business needs

  • Ensuring rig safety with real time tracking and reporting of rig location to shore office
  • Tracking and monitoring individual rig / vessel operation with an Integrated Network Management System
  • Ensuring secured internet access with firewall protection for confidential information transfer
  • Maintaining employee morale and retaining best employees with lightweight crew portal for email, chat and surf

Singtel offers solutions well fitted to serve the Offshore, Energy and Oil & Gas market. They are:

  1. Regional 1.5m C-band Maritime VSAT service Asia and Middle East and
  2. Global C-band or Ku-band Maritime VSAT service.

For the Regional 1.5m C-band VSAT service, Singtel offers a reliable 128k CIR (Committed Information Rate) and 512k MIR (Maximum Information Rate) on our own ST-2 and ABS-1 Satellites. Here’s the footprint of these 2 satellites servicing main Asia and Middle East.

Our Regional VSAT C-band service are owned by Singtel which gives us the flexibility of deploying satellite capacity bandwidth to your vessels. A regional service would mean be more cost effective compared to a global VSAT service.

For global route, Singtel Maritime VSAT Global service comes in two distinct frequency bands namely C-band and Ku-band.

The Global C-band VSAT service ensures that our customers have the best coverage globally inclusive of deep sea routes e.g. across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. C-band is the VSAT frequency band least susceptible to rain fade issues and good performance is almost always guaranteed.

A more economical alternative to the Global C-band VSAT is the Ku-band Global VSAT service which is coupled with an automatic failover to an L-band backup network to ensure continuity of your communications.

Benefit of a Maritime VSAT as compared to the conventional Inmarsat services is that you get to enjoy unlimited access of a broadband service based on a fixed monthly fee

Singtel Maritime ICT Solutions

Operational Efficiency

Singtel All-in-one (AIO) Connect services allow customers to make business calls from ship-to-shore and vice versa at an economical VoIP rates as low as US$0.09/min. Managed router services is another frequently used application on board oil and gas vessels. For customers who require video conferencing facilities, our Collaborative Network application provides a low data rate video call between ship and shore, helping you to minimise cost outlay while maximising operational efficiency between your sea-faring and onshore units.

Monitoring & Control

Singtel Integrated Network Management System (iNMS) provides real time status and information such as weather conditions in a particular remote location of interest to the user. Best of all this information can be accessed via our portal anywhere, anytime, empowering ship owners and managers with real-time knowledge for intelligent decision making even while they are on the go. To provide you with peace of mind that your cargo is safe while being transported across the sea, our e-surveillance solution provides always-on video cameras for constant monitoring to ensure asset security.

Crew Welfare

For vessel/rig owners who are also looking to provide crew members with VoIP calls on top of internet usage, Singtel AIO Connect service with its pre-paid system enables crew to purchase AIO Connect vouchers to email, chat, surf the net and make VoIP calls at affordable rates.