Singtel Unified Threat Management (UTM) Service helps you combat cyber attacks from crew services or devices on board.

Singtel UTM consolidates perimeter network security technologies – including firewall, web and email gateways, intrusion prevention and more – into an affordable, threat management managed service. It integrates best-in-class security services to give you comprehensive network protection in a single network appliance.

From network, application, database, content, data security to access control, endpoint protection and security management, enjoy peace of mind with this 100% Singtel managed service that helps you package, deploy and run your security services on board. As a scalable service, it allows you to pick and choose from its extensive range of options as your security needs grow. What’s more, enjoy lower cost of ownership with no capital expenditure required.


Basic Services Descriptions
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Conduct deep inspection intrusion prevention with focused signature library to block both known and unknown network and application-layer attacks.
Log Collection and Forwarding Consolidate logs into Singtel UTM appliance which are then forwarded for analysis by Singtel Security Operations Centre (SOC). Support real-time, 24x7 viewing of security reports.
Stateful Firewall Protect against new threats entering the network by tracking the status of network connections. Allow only legitimate packets matching a known active connection to pass through the network. Support Network Address Translation (NAT).
Site-to-Site Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Enable IPsec compliant site-to-site and certificate-based remote user virtual private networking for secure, encrypted access to corporate systems and remote offices.
Web and Email Protection (Anti-Virus) Protect your web and email at the gateway against malware variants and threats hidden in encrypted traf c, with over 100,000 virus signatures (updated hourly).
Add-On Services Descriptions
Internal Vulnerability Scanning Scan network assets for unknown devices that may have malicious intent.
Rogue device detection Detect, alert and optionally block any unauthorised devices that connect to the network. Add new devices to approved device list via the administrative portal.
Policy-based routing Protect network by allowing routing based on de ned policies according to source network, destination network, port, protocol, network device and more.
Web App Remote Access Control (RAC) Networking (VPN) Authenticate users for web services, while concealing applications/services used in the interim basis.
Web Content Filtering Prevent improper use of the Internet by allowing customised con guration of user-level and group policies. Enable ltering by URL, data, types of content and categories. Allow end-user de ned webpages and le types to be blocked. Support URL whitelisting and blacklisting.

Service scheme: Affordable, one-time fee for setup of Singtel Managed UTM appliance, with no CAPEX required. Followed by monthly recurring costs on subscription basis.