Technologies behind phone calls are evolving and users are looking for VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions with lesser data overheads. To enable Maritime users to manage cost on bandwidth usage without compromising on call quality, Singtel offers AIO SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Phone with improved communication technologies. AIO SIP Phone is a Maritime telephony service offering prepaid and postpaid solution for business and crew respectively. It utilises the correct CODEC and optimal satellite latency for phone calling, thus managing data overheads, leveraging satellite communications to make phone calls with minimal data usage while call quality is on par with those of traditional phones.


  • Easy to install, plug and play ready
  • Each AIO SIP Phone belongs to a closed user group. Each user in this group can make an extension to extension call at no cost
  • Call forward, call wait and group ring is possible when configured to a local PBX device
  • Call over satellite is optimised and users can experience clarity in calls because of the SIP Codec used
  • Each service line is reachable by mapping them to a convenient local number of a country of choice
  • Status of each AIO SIP Phone is proactively monitored by Singtel Network Operations Centre
  • Equipped with web-based management interface with active calls monitoring and advanced reporting